Residencial Alto Fortim has a wide range of activities to entertain you and your family, to create unforgettable holidays.

    Sports Fishing

    We can provide you with a day or half-day of sport fishing, with six boats at your disposal, all fishing equipment provided, and with competent crew.


    If you are interested in experiencing this unique vacation experience or are planning your next kite adventure, here is the solution for you.

    Scuba Dive

    The possibility to come face to face with a Manta or who knows even a huge and friendly Whale Shark is real in São Vicente, one that is undoubtedly one of the best islands to practice this in Cape Verde.


    Surfing is a sport practice on the surface of the water, often considered part of the group of activities called adventure sports.


    Bodyboarding is a water sport in which the surfer rides a bodyboard on the crest, face and ripple of a wave that takes the surfer towards the beach.


    Golf is a taco-and-ball sport in which players use multiple clubs to hit balls in a series of holes in a course with the fewest strokes possible.


    Excursions to rugged and rugged destinations due to the volcanic origin of the islands, which allows landscapes with different geographical morphology, between high peaks and deep green valleys.


    Paragliding is similar to a parachute, as it also has a flexible structure and the user is suspended. It is a free flight mode that can be practiced for both recreation and competition and is considered a radical sport.


    Snorkeling is the practice of swimming in or through a body of water, while equipped with a diving mask, a shaped breathing tube called a snorkel, and usually swimming.


    Safari are expeditions exclusively to observe and record the nature and landscapes of São Vicente and Santo Antão.


    Underwater hunting makes use of elastic pressure guns or compressed gas pneumatic weapons to hit the fish.